First impressions of the iPhone 14 Pro from a long-time Google Android user (since the Nexus One!)

[✔] likes

Display responsiveness. It’s faster than my most recent Android phone, a Google Pixel 6. At times, when typing fast, my Pixel would “miss” touches—this phone doesn’t.

Display brightness. I can see the screen in sunlight while wearing sunglasses. I used to have to peer over my sunglasses to see my Pixel’s display in the sun.

Hardware mute switch. Handy.

Battery life. Better battery life than a Pixel 7a, even though the Pixel has a larger battery.

[❌] gripes

No way to add a period key to the main keyboard. Yes, you can add a period with pressing the spacebar twice. That works nice unless you’re trying to enter firstname.lastname@example.com in which case you have to press the 123 key six separate times (to toggle back and forth for both .’s and the @).

No way to text from my PC. With my Pixel, I could text from my PC with either Microsoft Phone Link (a native Windows 10 mobile app) or messages.google.com (a full Google Messages experience via any web browser). No such feature for iOS. You can text from a Mac, but not a PC.

No way to change default maps app. As a result, when I tell Siri to navigate, she uses Apple Maps. Oddly, iOS allows you to set some default apps (such as browser), but not others.

No home screen customization. On Android, I can place icons and widgets in certain squares on the grid. iOS wants them to be grouped together, always—and there’s no way to override this behavior.