Grid (toggle)Ctrl + Shift + G
Move drawing areaSpace + drag mouse
ZoomAlt + scroll wheel


Clone connectorsCtrl + Select connector’s endpoint + Drag
Connect to a point within the shapeDrag > hold Alt > Release mouse button at destination
Add another Waypoint to connectorRight-click connector > Add Waypoint


Floating connections connect to the frame of a shape. This is the default when creating new connectors. When a shape with a floating connection is moved, the connection relocates and the line is kept simple.

Fixed connections connect to a specific point on a shape.

Create floating connectionStart a connection > Drag to inside of target shape
Create fixed connectionStart a connection > Drag to green circle or green frame of target shape
Change from floating to fixed connectionDrag connection away from shape a bit > Select it again > Drag until green circle or frame appears around shape


The default layer is “Background.” It is always visible. The order of layers affects some shape and connector effects:

  • Line jumps only work for the layer on top.

Layer Panel

When a shape is selected, the layer it is on is indicated by a black dot in the layer panel.

Add a layerView > Layers > ➕
Duplicate layersView > Layers > Select layer > Duplicate
Disable editing for all shapes on this layerView > Layers > 🔒
Move shapes between layersSelect the shapes > ⋯ > Move Selection
Show/hide all shapes on this layerView > Layers > 👁

Placeholders (predefined)

Add a property globally to the page:

  1. Make sure nothing is selected
  2. Diagram > Edit Data
  3. Add the property > Apply
  4. Select the shape that should use the property > Edit > Edit Data > check Placeholders
  5. In the shape, type %placeholder%

Add a property to a specific shape:

  1. Right-click shape > Edit > Edit Data
  2. ID: %placeholder%
  3. Check Placeholders
  4. In the text field of the shape, enter %placeholder%
%id%Prints the ID of a shape or connector.
%date%Prints the current date using the system locale.
%time%Prints the current time using the system locale.
%timestamp%Prints a timestamp using the system locale.
%date{yyyy-mm-dd}%Prints a timestamp using a custom format.
%pagenumber%Prints the page number of the current page.
%pagecount%Prints the total number of pages.
%page%Prints the title of the current page.
%filename%Prints the name of the file.


Select all connectorsCtrl + Shift + E
Select all shapesCtrl + Shift + I
Select next/previous shapeTab or Shift + Tab
Select parent ShapeShift + Alt + P
Select shape/connector underneathHold Alt + Click on shape to select next lower shape
Select all intersecting shapes (not juse those fully in selection box)Alt + Drag


AligningSelect multiple shapes > Format panel > Arrange > Align
Clone shape with connectorsSelect shape > Alt + Shift + Arrow
Change shape after cloningRelease Alt > Click new shape
Copy style of one shape to anotherStyle tab > Copy Style and Paste Style
Flip shapesSelect shape > Format panel » Arrange tab > Flip
Group ShapesCtrl + G
Ungroup ShapesCtrl + Shift + U
Replace shapeDrag new shape over existing until the blue/black conversion symbol is shown
Replace multiple shapesSelect all shapes to be replaced > Drag new shape over one of the shapes
Insert a new connected shapeHover over the shape > Click blue arrow > Select new shape
Delete a shape and the connected leading to itCtrl + Backspace
Add a hyperlink to a Shape > Right-clickEdit Link > Web Link

Swimlane Diagrams

Add a swimlaneHover over the last lane > Click the blue arrow
Move a swimlane to another positionDrag the swimlane slightly to the right > Hold Alt > Drag to desired location
Select the entire poolClick a lane > Click again