An IT generalist with knowledge of development and operations including programming, infrastructure management, systems administration and DevOps toolchains. They are DevOps evangelists, automation experts, release managers, CAB members, software developers, and QA engineers.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Release Engineering
    • Build and deploy application code
    • Select, provision, and maintain CI/CD tooling
    • Writing & maintaining build and deploy scripts
  • Infrastructure Provisioning
    • Deploy and maintain servers, storage and network resources required to host applications
  • DevOps Advocacy
    • Evangelize the DevOps culture
    • Educate others on DevOps processes throughout the organization


  • Communication & collaboration
    • With teams, managers and customers
    • Soliciting feedback on the value stream
  • System administration
    • Provisioning and managing servers, databases, storage and network resources
    • Security monitoring
    • System patching
    • Managing internal and external network connectivity
  • Experience with DevOps toolchains
  • Configuration management
    • Configuration management tools such as Chef, Puppet or Ansible
  • Containers and container orchestration
  • CI/CD practices and tools
  • System architecture & provisioning
    • Infrastructure as Code
    • Clouds (Azure, AWS, GCP)
  • Programming and scripting