TODO: Define AI

Branches of AI:

  • Computer Vision
    • Image classification — classifying images based on their contents
    • Object detection — classify individual objects with an image and identify their location in the image
    • Semantic segmentation — individual pixels are classified according to the object to which they belong; used to create overlays and highlights in an image
    • Image analysis — extracting information (“tags”) from images to catalog the image or create descriptive captions
    • Face detection, analysis, and recognition — a specialized form of object detection that locates human faces
    • Optical character recognition — detects and reads text in images
  • Document Intelligence — managing, processing, and using high volumes of a variety of unstructured data in forms and documents.
  • Generative AI — takes natural language as input (prompts) and returns appropriate responses (completions). The completion may be natural language, images, code, or audio.
    • Large Language Models
      • Prompt Engineering
  • Knowledge Mining — extracting information from large volumes of unstructured data.
  • Machine Learning — using data to create predictive models.
    • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing — enable machine understanding of written and spoken language.


This mindmap provides a high level overview of AI topics.