Dynamic Type

Namespace: System.Dynamic
Type: DynamicObject


  • Bypasses static type checking.
  • Functions like it has type object.
  • At compile time, an element typed dynamic is assumed to support any operation.


Converting to Dynamic

dynamic d1 = 7;
dynamic d2 = "a string";

Converting From Dynamic

int i = d1;
string s = d2;



Use a dynamic object to reference the HTML DOM, which can contain any combination of valid HTML and attributes.
Because each HTML document is unique, the members for a particular HTML document are determined at run time.

Example: To reference the id attribute of HTML element <div id="Div1">:

  • Obtain a reference to the <div> element, then:
dynamic divElem = divElement.GetProperty("id");
divElem.id // returns "Div1"